In 1974 DFP Mécanique company was founded in Sainte Hélène sur Isère, near Albertville. The mechanics business grew rapidly, taking advantage of its strategic geographical location in the heart of the Alps and thus being perfectly positioned to satisfy the increasing demand for ski lifts.

During the 1990s, the company focused on higher volumes of production and became a specialist in machining for manufacturers of motor vehicle equipment, such as bearings. This period also marked the beginning of the automation of the site.

The 2000s were marked by the transition to the status of leading supplier of the car manufacturing industry. Investments in skills and resources were continuous in order to meet the quality-cost-delivery demands of our Clients. The company was then recognized as a strong and reliable supplier of machined parts produced as-forged and cast. A particular focus was placed on automating the site in order to build high-performance tools for the production of parts in high volumes.

After several name changes, the company was purchased in November 2014 by SAN GRATO company (a well-known Italian steel forging manufacturer created in 1961) and became SGF. San Grato - SGF alliance helps to strengthen the synergies between forging and machining and thus to offers complete and integrated solutions to our Clients.