The main strengths are :

• Site specialised in high volume production complying with the QCD criteria of the car manufacturing sector, in particular with long experience in the production of safety parts.
• Co-design in partnership with the Client, from functional specifications to final validation. Fully integrated design process on site, with establishment and programming of the means of production and control through to the entire automation of the production units.
• Factory working hours: 140 hrs per week

SGF company,
is fully integrated with automated production units including:

• Turning
• Drilling / Tapping
• Milling
• Rolling
• Broaching
• Press fitting
• 100% Automatic control system
• Washing

The experience of our engineering department in machine tooling allows us to determine the most suitable means with the best balance between costs and performances for each part, according to geometry and volumes, using both standard and dedicated machining centres.